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*Calcineurin-dependent cofilin activation and increased retrograde actin flow drive 5-HT–dependent neurite outgrowth in Aplysia bag cell neurons. Xiao-Feng Zhang, Callen Hyland, David Van Goor, and Paul Forscher. Mol. Biol. Cell, Dec 2012; 23: 4833 - 4848.

*c-Jun N-terminal Kinase (JNK)-Mediated Rad18 Phosphorylation Facilitates Polη Recruitment to Stalled Leplication Forks. Laura R. Barkley, Komaraiah Palle, Michael Durando, Tovah A. Day, Aditi Gurkar, Naoko Kakusho, Jianying Li, Hisao Masai, and Cyrus Vaziri. Mol. Biol. Cell, May 2012; 23: 1943 - 1954.

Development and Validation of Reagents and Assays for EZH2 Peptide and Nucleosome High-Throughput Screens. Elsie Diaz, Carl A. Machutta, Stephanie Chen, Yong Jiang, Christopher Nixon, Glenn Hofmann, Danielle Key, Sharon Sweitzer, Mehul Patel, Zining Wu, Caretha L. Creasy, Ryan G. Kruger, Louis LaFrance, Sharad K. Verma, Melissa B. Pappalardi, Baochau Le, Glenn S. Van Aller, Michael T. McCabe, Peter J. Tummino, Andrew J. Pope, Sara H. Thrall, Benjamin Schwartz, and Martin Brandt. J Biomol Screen, Dec 2012; 17: 1279 - 1292.

*Phosphospecific antibody




100% Made in the USA

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